About Us

Dr. Agnes Abuom - Executive Director

Who we are

TAABCO which stands for;
• Transforming,
• Analyzing,
• Accompanying
• Building
• Change Organizations

We are;
Registered under the companies Act, Cap 486 of the laws of Kenya in 1997. Based in Nairobi Kenya with clients both in the country and globally. Committed to providing research, consultancy services, capacity building and skills development to communities, organizations and institutions so that they can become agents of change in the 21st century.

Our Vision
A peaceful and just society that is free of poverty that affirms human dignity and has participatory leadership as well as a strong and viable civil society.
Our Mission
To strengthen capacities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the area of leadership and management, peace building and conflict transformation, knowledge management and deepening dialogue within and among each other, to help build partnerships so as to effectively manage change processes and facilitate poverty reduction through consultancies, research and policy analysis.
Our Goal
To promote viable realization of organizational development goals and strengthened capacities of client organizations to deliver services more effectively and efficiently.
Our Core Values
• Empowerment of communities and organisations in the ownership and management of their resources and development processes;
Promotion of a just, participatory and sustainable society;
• Proper stewardship, transparency and accountability within itself, its clients and society at large.
• Provision of quality research, consultancy and training services.
• Gender equity;

TAABCO Successes
• Technical Backstopping for ICCO –Dutch Protestant Agency for Development for its 20 Kenyan partners i.e. TAABCO accompanied ICCO partners in Kenya in financial and programme management
• TAABCO provided technical backstopping for Bread for the World(BftW) –Germany 25 Kenyan Partners in Kenya; through communication and dialogue between BftW and its partners; to promote adherence to BftW reporting "standards"; to accompany partners in their work administratively and programmatically; to facilitate interaction between BftW staff and local counterparts; and to provide advice on political, social and economic policy changes and developments in Kenya
• Ecumenical Accompanier for Peace in the Horn of Africa for All Africa Conference of Churches
• Backstopped a study on Gender in the Peace & Rehabilitation Programme by NCCK supported by Royal Netherlands Embassy.
• Technical support to The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya for Sudanese women Empowerment Programme
• Facilitated Partnership Conferences for the Swedish Pentecostal Mission Inter-life for their Partners in North and South Indian, Kenya, 10 Southern Africa countries, Great Lakes, East African countries, Horn of Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Benin.
• Facilitated Sudanese Women Association in Nairobi [SWAN] workshop on "Women in Search for a Just Peace for Sudan"; engendering peace process by Sudanese Women for Peace –SuWEP facilitated by the Royal Netherlands Embassies in Khartoum and Nairobi; Facilitated Sudanese Women in Nairobi in their engagement with IGAD process and civic education; peace process between Dinka and Nuer Women.
• Facilitation of change management processes for MELM