Types of Consultancies

1. Leadership and Management
Transformative leadership is one of the most critical areas of intervention. Leadership contributes the most to the success or failure in organizations. TAABCO emphasis in the training and mentoring of boards and other top organs in institutions. TAABCO interventions include; board inductions/training, team building, succession planning, mentoring and coaching.
Management Systems: Programme management is a dynamic field in which policies are constantly changing. Its include Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (P/MEAL), Human Resource (HR), Financial Management (FM) TAABCO provides information on the socio-economic and political developments and how to adapt to the changes that have a direct impact on the work. The need for prudent financial management to assure stability and sustainability of organizations. The importance of financial independence for organizations cannot be overstated. The financial information required for decision-making is especially important and therefore, the organization conducts training for clients for them to keep up to and surpass prevailing standards.

2. Knowledge Management
Research combined with policy analysis and documentation is the core functions of TAABCO. Research is vital for increasing the Company’s organizational learning, and enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness of work, hence research, policy analysis and documentation provides both doer and support role.
In the doer role, knowledge management undertakes regular and targeted research and policy analysis, and documents these into research reports and other organizational outputs, e.g., newsletters (for internal and external sharing). The latter sharing is with the clients, partners, and wider public. The research findings are meant to enhance policy decisions. The promotion of positive cultural and religious practices and values has gained increasing prominence in the recent past and TAABCO has been at the forefront in this new drive toward reviving the use of good indigenous knowledge which is almost getting lost. This knowledge has proved vital in peace building, nutrition, medicine etc.

3. Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

  • Trauma healing/psychological social support

  • Early warning systems and Response systems

  • Advocacy-Women and peace

  • Traditional mechanisms in peace building-linkages between tracks

  • Mediation

  • Youth and peace

  • Role of media in peace

4. Deepening dialogue and partnerships
TAABCO provides a safe space for deepening dialogue and partnerships between Southern – Southern and North-South partners. The building of partnerships based on shared values such as equality and respect are critical.