TAABCO has developed a tailor-made training and skills development programme. The programme contains affordable courses that provide individuals and organizations with knowledge and skills for development work. Specifically, the courses are specially made for Kenyan and other African NGOs, CBOs, Churches and other Civil Society actors.

1. Introduction to Basic Research and Policy Analysis

Course content

• Research concepts in the realm of development
• Policy concepts (policy analysis and influencing).
• Effective research methodologies.
• Data collection and analysis techniques.
• Preparing a policy document/paper.
• Influencing policy change.
• Various statistical packages for social science research
• Understanding the link between project activities and policy decision making at all levels

Target Group
Organizational leaders, project directors, researchers, policy analysts, technical

2. Advocacy, Lobbying, Networking/Alliance building

Course Content
• Importance of networking, lobbying and advocacy
• How to identify opportunities and relevant advocacy issues.
• Building friendship for support and mobilization.
• Collaborating with likeminded organizations.
• How to design and pre-test messages for various target groups before going public.
• Linkages with media in advocacy and lobbying.
• Networking and lobbying the policy makers i.e. parliamentarians, religious groups, senior government officials etc.
• Creating consensus and dealing with divergent views (addressing / countering the opposition).
• Fund-raising for advocacy.

Target Group
Senior and mid-level programme/projects managers, directors of NGOs, CBOs, and leaders in faith-based institutions and government officers.


A. Community Mobilization and Organization

Course Content
• Theory of community mobilization and organization
• Introduction to Community Participatory Approaches(CPA)
• Introduction to Community Based Development techniques(CBO)
• Designing & Managing Community based Projects
• Roles & responsibilities of different stakeholders in CPA
• Projects identification, prioritization, planning & management
• Community Communication and writing skills

Target Group
Church leaders, Board members, organizational leaders, managers, administrators, programme officers, and development practitioners

B. Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS

Course Content
Introduction to the concept of HIV and AIDS mainstreaming
• History of HIV and AIDS in Kenya and current situation
• Gender issues related to mainstreaming HIV and AIDS
• Linking with effective healthcare provision of ART and non-ART programmes.
• Prevention, care and support campaigns
• Reintegrating persons living with HIV or AIDS into the workplace and the community
• Community mobilization to reduce stigma and discrimination.
• Steps and strategies for the formulation of HIV and AIDS work place policies.
• Challenges faced by the NGOs and CBOs and methods to mitigate them

Target Group
CEO’s, Church leaders, Board members, Managers, Directors, Organizational leaders, Managers, Administrators, Programme officers, Project Managers and any development concerned individuals.

C. Mainstreaming Gender

Course Content
• Gender, Gender equality as a goal -gender mainstreaming as a strategy
• Strategies that target institutions and focus on gender relations in programme work
• Measures to support gender equality contribute to other socio-economic goals
• Mapping out components of a gender policy
• Applying gender mainstreaming in specific contexts ,e.g., policy analysis and technical assistance
• Institutional development /capacity building for gender mainstreaming.

Target Group
Project Managers, Directors, Administrators, Programme Officers, and participants interested in gender -based integration issues.

D. Mainstreaming Rights Based Approach

Course Content
• Introduction to theory and history of RBA
• History of RBA in Kenya and its current practice
• Applying RBA tools of mainstreaming in the programme
• Challenges faced by NGOs FBOs and CBOs in applying RBA

Target Group
Programme managers, project officers and Directors

A. Organizational Development

Course Content
• Concept , principles and approaches of Organizational behaviour and development
• Process consultancy
• The importance of Organizational Assessment/scanning and the related tools
• Organizational culture
• A learning organization
• Organizational growth stages and the relevant tools of assessment e.g time line, mind mapping

Target Group
CEOs, project managers and programme officers and finance/accounting staff with a view to enable them understand the “software” issues of an organization and also to be able to apply the principles of ID/OD in their own organization.

B. Governance and Strategic Leadership

Course Content

• Introduction to governance and leadership.
• Attributes of leaders.
• Historical issues of leadership and Governance.
• Governance in public management and governance in voluntary organizations
• Governance ,leadership and internalisation.
• Women and governance in development organizations.
• Standards of conduct.
• Roles and responsibilities.
• Effective governance and leadership
• Self regulation
• Accountable governance in spearheading gender issues.

Target Group
Church leaders, Board members, organizational leaders, managers, administrators, programme officers, and development practitioners.


• Strategic Planning and Management
• Proposal Writing and Report Writing Course
• Promoting effective Communication, Dialogue,
• MIS/ICT for Results Based Management


• Micro-Finance and Micro-Enterprise
• Grant Management


• Integrating Financial Management & Organizational Development Finance for Non Finance Managers
• Financial Sustainability and Exit Strategy
• Business Planning