Uganda Country Listening Dialogue


The Uganda Country Listening dialogues featured two sessions of virtual zoom meetings which were held on 24th February 2022 and 15th March 2022. It brought together members from NGOs, FBOs and independent practitioners who have been, and continue to work development programmes  towards peace.

The sessions were moderated by John Okanga from Taabco and Desteo Tugume of Betterworld Uganda.

An analysis of existing evidence was presented by Prof. Ogenga of the Rongo Univeristy and Director of the PeaceMakers Corps Foundation. 

The ultimate aim was to identify what evidence exists and what additional evidence is needed. Furthermore, the Listening Dialogue was to enable make decisions about how evidence should be used in the region to influence policies and good practice.

“These evidence reveal that peace journalism was actually useful in mobilising people and reaching out to rebels and child soldiers who were more than 22000, appealing for them tom abandon war significantly weakening the LRA and consequently ending the LRA Conflict.”

Prof. Fredrick Ogenga - Director PeaceMakers Corps Foundation

“As a person of the media background, I can closely relate to what has been presented as I have experienced it when covering news content because many people are fearing to express views about certain topics. They have become selective on what they share.”

John – Kazi Njema News

“I’m excited about the idea of the hub, it will have two perspectives, It will provide the space for the community of practice and will provide the leadership for coordination on research, capacity building, training, awareness and linkages.”

Mr. Lam Cosmas – Peace Building Practitioner

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