Ranging from responding to customer needs, analyzing trends, solving a technical problem, creating new offers, understanding the experiences
of other departments or other countries on policy making; it is paramount that
one get access to a collective resources for critical and objective reflection.

Your efficiency will be improved if the necessary content is easy and quick to be found when needed.
In some large companies where knowledge sharing in digital form began in the early 2000s without any governance and under the impetus of well-meaning employees (project managers, product managers, maintenance
managers, etc.), there has been an anarchic development of sharing platforms, too often carried out without any coordination and
sometimes using different technologies.

After a few years, the result was an abundance of platforms, each with their administrator, password, structure and organization, often containing the same knowledge in different versions. When a user wanted to find
information, for lack of a unique and efficient search engine, he was confronted to several hundreds of databases, more or less private,
without any idea of where the needed pieces information were.

Fast forward and we have more advanced ways of streamlining access to information which is very important for organisational development.

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