Kenya Country Listening Dialogue


A Listening Dialogue is the first step in a process of creating regionally/nationally-rooted and locally-led joint learning networks for advancing research and evidence on the roles of religions in humanitarianism, development, and peacebuilding. It provides shared space for a dialogue about experiences of developing and using evidence from the perspective of those who are directly involved in efforts to transform communities, specifically local and regional (faith) actors.

The Kenya Country Listening dialogue was a physical meeting held on the 11th of March, 2022 from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m at the Mash Park Hotel, Nairobi- Kenya. It brought together members from NGOs, FBOs and independent practioners who have been, and continue to work development programmes  towards peace.

The ultimate aim was to identify what evidence exists and what additional evidence is needed. Furthermore, the Listening Dialogue was to enable make decisions about how evidence should be used in the region to influence policies and good practice.

“The hub is a good opportunity to explore what evidence is available when it comes to peacebuilding and conflict transformation. It is very strategic and it will be important to manage expectations on what the hub will specifically take on. It is an important step to anchor better the role of religious actors in the field.”

Ms. Everlyne Nairesiae

“The hub provides space where we can share the development agenda we have with the religious actors to ensure that we jointly document what is being done within the communities. We anticipate that the hub will further provide these spaces for better coordination.”

Prof. Fredrick Ogenga – Director Peace Makers Corps Foundation

“The hub is indeed a wonderful idea as it would allow the academia to open their closets, but the main issue would be scale up and engage in practical sense, make it simple for members of local communities to understand.”

Dr. Seth Abeka – University of Nairobi

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