Building Partnerships

Over the years TAABCO has effectively offered and will continue to offer this product and services to a number of partner organizations, this has enhanced relationships through sharing of challenges and best practices. Horizontal and vertical partnerships are essential.  Unfortunately lessons learnt from reflection by EASUN show that vertical relations between development actors in the south and their northern supporters are stronger than those forged with beneficiary communities.  TAABCO will continue to provide safe space for deepening dialogue and building partnerships between Southern development organizations and beneficiary communities including enhancing North-South partnerships that promote human dignity

Recent projects and clients

Enhancing communication, partnership and network development. – TAABCO’s interventions can be seen in numerous programs including those implemented in partnership with:
• Bread for the World (BftW) Germany/ EED- Germany
• Inter Church Development Cooperation (ICCO)
• Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Kenya
• Digni
• World Council of Churches (WCC)
• Norwegian Church Aid
• Church of Sweden
• Swedish Mission Council (SMC)
• Sudan and South Sudan Councils of Churches
• Ethiopian Orthodox Church

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