Capacity Building

Transformative leadership: Is one of the most critical areas of intervention. This is because leadership contributes the most to the success or failure in organizations. TAABCO has therefore put a lot of emphasis in the training and mentoring of boards and other top organs in institutions. Some of the interventions under transformative leadership include; board inductions/training, team building, succession planning, mentoring and coaching.

Management Systems: Programme management too is a dynamic field in which policies are constantly changing. Management systems include, planning mentoring & evaluation (PME), human resource (HR), financial management (FM) and management information systems (MIS). These management systems must be efficient and effective therefore development workers must be kept abreast with the development to ensure that their organizations can collaborate with their partners. TAABCO plays a key role in this area by providing information on the developments and how to adapt to them. In financial management TAABCO emphasizes the need for prudent financial management to assure stability and sustainability of organizations. The importance of financial independence for organizations cannot be overstated. The financial information required for decision making is especially important. Therefore the organization organizes and conducts training for clients to keep up to date and surpass prevailing standards.

Recent projects

The Advocacy, Lobbying, Networking/Alliance building Course 

• Importance of networking, lobbying and advocacy
• How to identify opportunities and relevant advocacy issues.
• Building friendship for support and mobilization.
• Collaborating with likeminded organizations.
• How to design and pre-test messages for various target groups before going public.
• Linkages with media in advocacy and lobbying.
• Networking and lobbying the policy makers i.e. parliamentarians, religious groups, senior government officials etc.
• Creating consensus and dealing with divergent views (addressing / countering the opposition).
• Fund-raising for advocacy.

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