Peace Building

Poverty, injustice and inequality create social tensions which lead to conflict .TAABCO through the peace building and conflict transformation intervention explores ways to communicate the importance of peaceful co–existence. TAABCO promotes non – violent response to conflict. This enables TAABCO’s clients to draw lessons learnt and design policy interventions at Organizational, country, regional and international level. Peace building has been one of the special areas for TAABCO for a long time.  Partner organizations and clients have therefore benefited from TAABCO’s expertise over the years and also in the aftermath of the violence in neighboring countries as well as in our nation.

Recent projects and clients

  • PELUM KenyaStudy on climate change and gender, baseline survey for Pennell project
  • Baseline SurveysUCCS, CISS,ICA Kenya, CCCSMKE, RODI,JAM Project
  • ACK DOSS-Study on the role of church in social development-1975-2005
  • East Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF)- Study on Agricultural sector allocation
  • DIGNI- Study on the role of church in development
  • Norwegian Mission Society (NMS)-Study on the role of Missionaries
  • EED-CSOs mapping in S. Sudan.

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