Cross Cutting Issues

Under cross cutting themes, TAABCO will focus on; Monitoring and evaluation of work place policies, mainstreaming of gender, HIV and AIDS and environment  In 2014 TAABCO will strengthen the linkage between food security and HIV and AIDS focusing on issues of prevention, management and treatment literacy. Towards achievement of MDGs and post MDGs as well. TAABCO will focus on gender, masculinity and changing roles of men in the society and in the corporate world on environment, TAABCO will undertake policy analysis for organizations and government with regard to environment. Focus will be put in monitoring and evaluation of environmental conversation, utilization of water, renewable energy, biodiversity and promotion of mainstreaming of environmental conservation

Recent projects and clients

  • PELUM KenyaStudy on climate change and gender, baseline survey for Pennell project
  • Baseline SurveysUCCS, CISS,ICA Kenya, CCCSMKE, RODI,JAM Project
  • ACK DOSS-Study on the role of church in social development-1975-2005
  • East Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF)- Study on Agricultural sector allocation
  • DIGNI- Study on the role of church in development
  • Norwegian Mission Society (NMS)-Study on the role of Missionaries
  • EED-CSOs mapping in S. Sudan.

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