Tanzania Country Listening Dialogue


The Tanzania Country Listening dialogue was a held virtually via zoom  held on 1st April 2022. It brought together members from NGOs, FBOs and independent practitioners who have been, and continue to work development programmes  towards peace.

The session was moderated by Mr. Augustine Mwaimu who is the Hub Development group’s focal person in Tanzania.

A brief analysis of evidence in Tanzania was presented by Prof. Ogenga upon which members reflected and shared insights on what should be the next step forward for the East Africa Hub.

The ultimate aim was to identify what evidence exists and what additional evidence is needed. Furthermore, the Listening Dialogue was to enable make decisions about how evidence should be used in the region to influence policies and good practice.

“Faith based organisations are engaging on a daily basis with local communities in development, the issue lies in the learnings that we can draw from these engagements and how best to document them for proper utilization and accessibility to local development actors.”

Mr. Augustine Mwaimu - SPAIDE Consultancy Firm

“We can seek to understand the extent to which development work is being influenced by evidence that is out there. We should also get to understand how best to involve other non-faith NGOs who can share their evidences that can enrich peace building programmes.”

John- MFEC (Mugabiri Farm Extension Centre)

“We have been involved in research before as an organisation, but not directly, through the hub, we can directly engage in research and enable disseminate findings for better programming”

Peter – MFEC

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